Chris Lemons keynote speaker

Deep Sea Saturation Diver Featured in Netflix Documentary 'Last Breath', Diving Accident Survivor
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response
  • Death
  • Leadership and Maintaining the Chain of Command
  • Procedures and the Power of Drills and Practice
  • Resilience and Overcoming Adversity
  • Risk
  • Teamwork and Workforce Diversity
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Chris has been a commercial diver and supervisor for over 18 years, and currently specialises in deep sea saturation diving, operating almost exclusively in the oil and gas industry.

This highly specialised form of diving involves living in the claustrophobic confines of a decompression chamber for up to 28 days at a time, commuting daily to the sea-bed in a diving bell, and working at depths of up to 900 feet for 6 hours at a time.

In September of 2012, a freak failure of the dynamic positioning system of the vessel he was working under, resulted in the umbilical which provides him with breathing gas, light and heat being severed completely.  He was left on the seabed, in complete darkness 300 feet below the surface, with only the 5 minutes of breathing gas he carried in the emergency tanks on his back, and no way to protect himself from the freezing temperatures.  

It took his heroic rescuers over 40 minutes to come back and fetch him, and his miraculous survival story has baffled experts ever since.

His extraordinary story was subsequently immortalised in the hit Netflix/BBC documentary 'Last Breath,' a version of which is currently being developed into a Hollywood movie starring Woody Harrelson, Simu Liu and Finn Cole.

Chris was born in Edinburgh, raised in Cambridge, and now lives in the South of France with his partner and two daughters.



“Chris is a remarkably powerful speaker with a tremendously valuable story. He also happens to be a genuine gentleman. Highly recommend.”

Robin Sharma #1 Bestselling Author of the 5am Club

“I’ve had the honour of hearing Chris’ story on several occasions now, each time with a fresh angle or nuance. Articulate, knowledgeable and surprisingly dispassionate (given his subject matter), he is able to spin a riveting yarn which will have the audience gripped. It’s an incredible story of survival, told with genuine flair by its humble protagonist in true edge-of-your-seat style. Hear him if you dare!”

Dr. Oliver Firth MBBS, Bsc, MRCGP

“Thank you so much for speaking to the Shell Energy network this week – it was a great presentation and we’ve had so many comments about it being the ‘event of the year’!”

Rebecca Watson – Finance Advisor at Shell

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