Silvia Garcia keynote speaker

Founder & CEO Feel Logic & Happiest Places to Work,
Former Coca-Cola Global Director of Happiness, Marketing and Communication
  • “What Do They Want?”: How to Attract and Retain Talent
  • (Re)Build Trust and Confidence
  • Seven + 1 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work and Impact Your Business Results
  • The Art and Science of Marketing
  • The Art and Science of Selling
  • The Power of a Positive Team
  • The Power of Me
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Have you ever wondered who was responsible for Coca-Cola's association with happiness ? Or why during the past 15 years, Coca-Cola employees' consistently over delivered in creativity and performance? As International Marketing Director and President of the Happiness Institute for Coca-Cola, Silvia was the organization's expert on emotions and how they influence our decisions.

She oversaw the marketing and leadership strategies for 198 countries. Silvia has lived in the US, France, Ireland, Sweden and Spain. Multicultural, she knows how to engage with all types of audiences with awe-inspiring work-related examples of applying the science of happiness at work.

Highly demanded all around the world, her speeches have been said to change “lives and companies”. Silvia is a worldwide expert on positive leadership and happiness at work.

Her clients range from organizations such as the World Business Forum, AXA, Lilly, or Google to local businesses. Whether your objectives are related to your organization's vision and culture, or to boosting your bottom line results, Silvia will be eye-opening on how the science of happiness can help you or your organization become more profitable, happier and successful.


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