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Alberto Lorente keynote speaker

Former Director of Skype Spain & Portugal
  • Business Oppportunites Using Skype
  • New Technologies
  • Skype Software
  • The Changing Face of Telecommunications in the 21st Century
  • The Power of the Internet
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Passionate senior executive – with over 18 years of experience – launching startups in the Internet and tech industries. Experience working as Chief Marketing Officer and as Managing Director for multinational companies in Europe, such as Skype, KPN or DaWanda, 3rd largest E-commerce marketplace in Germany.

Alberto Lorente was Director of Skype Spain, the world’s leading VOIP software provider enabling users worldwide to make cheap telephone calls over the internet using their PC.  For a number of months now Alberto has been working hard to develop niche markets which can benefit from the VOIP technology and to raise the profile of Skype both in Spain and around the globe. Previously Alberto Lorente is a telecommunications expert and has also played a key part in the design, development and application of a number of internet startups.

His main area of research has been based on the telecommunications industry and the way in which the internet is affecting the sector and he is recognised as one of the world’s global experts in this area. With a wealth of experience and comprehensive research projects behind him, Alberto talks knowledgeably about the impact of Skype and the benefits which companies will be able to reap from this cutting edge technology.

He is currently Director of Lebara Limited in Spain.

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