Jason Clay keynote speaker

Senior Vice President, Market Transformation WWF
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Reducing Social and Environmental Risks, Water and Carbon Neutrality, Value Chain Management
  • Impact Assessments of Large-Scale Development Projects
  • Indigenous People - Nation/State Conflicts, Natural Resource Management, Global Trends
  • Trend Analysis - the Implications of Biofuells, Metric-Based Standards for Agriculture and Aquaculture, Animal Protein Consumption
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Jason gets things done on a global scale. His ideas are changing the way governments, foundations, researchers, and NGOs identify and address risks and opportunities for their work.
He brings people together to improve environmentally sensitive practices in agriculture and aquaculture. Jason’s goal is to create global standards for producing and using raw materials, particularly in terms of carbon and water. He has convened industry roundtables of retailers, buyers, producers and environmentalists to reduce the key impacts of producing soy, cotton, sugarcane, salmon, shrimp, mollusks, catfish and tilapia. „We now have 10 to 25 percent of global production and buyers sitting at the table for each commodity.”
Jason ran a family farm, taught at Harvard and Yale, worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and spent more than 25 years working with human rights and environmental organizations before joining WWF in 1999.
His favorite flavor of ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Rainforest Crunch, which he helped create —with sustainably harvested ingredients—after meeting „Ben” at a fundraiser featuring the Grateful Dead. Jason is also a regular contributor to the Guardian.


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