Global Speakers Bureau presents top 4 education keynote speakers #Knowledge Providers

Teachers and professors, leaders, government representatives, founders of educational institutions, historians, and futurists. Our education keynote speakers come from different backgrounds and that gives us the opportunity to offer you a tailored list of the best speakers for your event. We are excited to share with you our pics for educational keynote speakers. 

Knowledge is powerful. Some consider it a key to success and power and while that’s absolutely true, at Global Speakers Bureau we like to think of education as a tool for change. A tool that helps create a better society, improve the quality of life, and most importantly change our future. The human race has come a long way and made significant progress. From cavemen to space explorers - this sentence perfectly sums up the progress of humankind. A progress that would not be possible without our curiosity and desire to learn. 


Pasi Sahlberg, Professor of education policy


“It has become clear everywhere that the schools we have today will not be able to provide opportunities for students to learn what is necessary in the future.”

This thought-provoking quote from Pasi Sahlberg is a perfect example of his approach to education. As a former schoolteacher, Pasi fully understands and easily recognizes the flaws of education systems in countries all over the world. As a former Director General at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture in Helsinki, 

In his engaging and insightful keynotes, Pasi describes his country’s approach to school reform, proposes new ideas, and shares the results of innovative schooling methods.


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Linda Liukas: a programmer, storyteller, illustrator, education keynote speaker. 


We can all agree that education plays a big part in the life of all humans. From the very early years, everything we learn has an impact on our future decisions: the paths we choose, the way we act, and how we communicate with others. That’s why it’s important to focus on the education of the youngest citizens, developing not only their knowledge but introducing them to new hobbies and allowing them to pursue their passions. Linda Liukas, our education keynote speaker, believes that encouraging children to be scientists, artists, and dreamers is an investment in the future of society. In her innovative children’s book “Hello Ruby”, Lydia introduces the world of technology to the youngest readers with beautiful, eye-catching illustrations. 



What makes the book innovative and how do parents use it to teach their kids about computers and technology? You can learn more about this fascinating coding book for children in one of Linda’s engaging keynotes. 



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Education for all. Otto Orondaam and his impact on children's lives in poor countries. 


Otto Orondaam’s journey is truly inspiring. He gave up being a doctor and a banker decided to look for a new purpose in his life. That’s the beginning of the project called Slum2School Africa, a volunteer-driven organization that provides education to underserved children in slums and hard-to-reach communities. In the 8 years of his charity work, 10 000 volunteers helped over 85 000 children from disadvantaged communities across Nigeria.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, his mission continued! Thanks to his incredible team of volunteers, children in Africa participated in the very first virtual classes! Now he can tell his story on a big stage and inspire your audience to share their knowledge and help others.  

Learn more about the Slum2School Africa project.


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Frank Schulenburg, education keynote speaker


Frank Schulenburg is a key leader at the Wikimedia Foundation,  the non-profit that serves as the bridge between academia and Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most popular encyclopedia. He’s an award-winning photographer and filmmaker and many of his images appeared in world-famous magazines, such as Washington Post, Forbes, Business Insider. He’s 

With his work, Frank Schulenburg wants to ensure that trustworthy and accurate information is easily accessible for free. He’s constantly working on improving the encyclopedia’s quality and delivering the content people want and need. 

Keynote topics:

Communicating Science

How teaching with Wikipedia changes the lives of students by helping students change the world

The two knowledge revolutions of the 21st century

Wikipedia: a look behind the scenes of the world’s largest encyclopedia


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We highly encourage you to explore a full list of education keynote speakers! 

Knowledge Providers #1 | Dr. Charles Elachi & Ali Aslan

We’re happy to share with you the very first edition of our new International Talk Series #KnowledgeProviders. Our first guest is the one and only Dr. Charles Elachi, a pioneer and leader in planetary exploration. Special thanks go to our moderator, international TV host and journalist Ali Aslan

Everything you need to know about hybrid events

Everything you need to know about hybrid events


Past year was very challenging for most of the companies. Business owners were forced to adapt to this new and bit of scary reality. One of the most palpable changes have taken place in event organisation business. Everything had to be reorganized, rethought and adapted to new reality. Luckily, the solution came quickly! Virtual keynotes, online meetings and webinars took over the internet. For many business owners / brands this format became an even more effective way to communicate with your audience located all over the world. What’s next? Hybrid events! Read the article to find out why we believe it’s the best format for event managers.


Future of events is hybrid

Hybrid events are simply a mix of live and virtual events. You take your event live, along with your audience, content and more, and add a virtual component to it! Thanks to that your audience can participate and engage with your event, no matter where they are!

Hybrid events provide flexibility in terms of interaction and participation in the event. Engagement is what distinguishes a hybrid event from a typical live event. Thanks to the remote option, hybrid events offer more opportunities to participate. Additionally, using features such as gamification, virtual maps, lobbies and live streaming, many people will feel as if they were there in person! 

“Other clients are pivoting toward virtual and hybrid events. One of our events partners recently launched Global Speaker Showcase which illustrates that virtual conferences are not only viable, but effective means of communication. It was a three day virtual event where I keynoted and MCd the event - scaled and broadcast across all continents - live.” 

Anders Sorman-Nilsson


What you need to know before planning your first hybrid event

Let's start with what can go wrong! As the organizer of a hybrid event, you need to make sure everything goes as planned. Here are things you should pay particular attention to! 

Good transmission quality

Quality of your event is closely related to a good internet connection and the equipment used. Even the most interesting speech will not arouse the enthusiasm of the audience if it is interrupted by technical problems. This is especially important during a hybrid event, because the participants are to react and actively participate. 

Take care of your audience

Seems obvious? Believe us, engaging remote participants and those on site is not that easy! It is very important to ensure that both groups can actively participate in the event. 

When deciding on this type of event, you must ensure that each participant derives some value from it.

Test, test and test again!

For weeks, maybe even months, you have carefully prepared your event. You have probably spent a lot of time making sure that the solutions you propose engage your audience. Little tip! Test your event right before launching it so you can review and correct the content before accessing it to others. Review the entire program to identify any problems that may arise. You should pay special attention to the functionality of the live chat functions.


Benefits of hybrid events


Organizing a hybrid event may be very challenging. It is without a doubt one of the most demanding and complicated forms of events. So why is it worth taking up this challenge?

Here are some of the benefits of hybrid events:

Increased reach & attendance

The times when we thought that the audience could only participate in the event in person or only online are long over. The popularity of hybrid events in 2021 is not only due to the limitations caused by COVID-19, which make it difficult to organize large events. Another advantage is their adaptation to the needs of your target - people like to have a choice. By organizing a hybrid event, you have a chance to attract fans of both live events and online meetings. 

Reduced costs

Let's say your event is to be attended by 30, 100 or 500 people. The place where you organize it will not accommodate more and the costs of a larger auditorium are too high. A hybrid event allows you to multiply this number with almost no limit and less cost. 

It's worth noting that you don't have to worry about commuting, providing snacks or physical promotional materials for online attendees. Instead, you can provide them with materials summarizing the issues raised at the event or an interesting summary using e-mail marketing.

Especially, when budgets are tight, hybrid events are excellent for bridging the gap between cost and results, for attendees and sponsors alike.


This is the key reason why people love virtual events! We learned the lesson from the previous year - nowadays hosting a live event with no digital fallback is very risky. Not only because online events are much easier for people to attend from anywhere in the world. But also because COVID-19 restrictions that can rapidly change. By hosting a hybrid event you can be sure that at least part of your audience will participate in your event.  


Looking for a great speaker who will turn your hybrid event into a huge success? 

Here are our suggestions: 

Already mentioned in the article, Anders Sorman-Nilsson is an extraordinary keynote speaker with plenty of experience in both virtual and hybrid events. His keynotes are mainly focused on futurism, strategies and global trends.

One of the most known people in the world. A man who provided irrefutable evidence that new technology not only means better communication between people, but also - permanent surveillance. Former CIA employee , one of our VIP speakers - Edward Snowden. 

Recently named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” Peter H. Diamandis is the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. His personal motto is: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!”

You enjoyed this article? Here you can find more:

Most requested keynotes topics.

Most requested keynote topics.

Find the perfect keynote speech for your next event!

From politics, through technology and the world of science to futurism & innovation. The list of keynote categories is long and varied! Keynote speakers included in the Global Speakers Bureau database are representatives of over a dozen different categories. When creating our speakers community, we made sure that the organizer of each kind of event could find the perfect speaker. Thanks to this, for each inquiry sent to our team, we always offer not one, but several keynote speakers to choose from. If your event brings together a large and highly diverse community, you may be wondering what categories of keynote will be the most universal. For this reason, we have compiled our list of the most requested keynote speakers! See them below!

Work – Life balance: watch virtual keynote online

For the second time this year, we had the pleasure to organize Virtual Keynote. This time we talked about work-life balance: two well-known authorities share their tips on how to maintain balance in the times of pandemic, often referring to the struggle of working remotely. Like last time, we decided to record the entire conversation and share it with you in the form of a YouTube video - to watch from anywhere and at any time.

And to encourage you to watch the full video, let us present you to our panelists and share the memorable quotes from the event itself!


Keynote speaker #1 - Mariana Atencio


Mariana Atencio is a Peabody award-winning journalist, author of bestselling books and co-founder of Golike. We can’t forget about her impressive experience as a keynote speaker! And we’ve got all the statistics to prove the power of her speeches. Her TED Talk “What Makes You Special?” is one of the top 10 most watched on Youtube and has been translated into 11 languages.  Among one of her many memorable speeches, it’s worth pointing that she has keynoted at the United Nation’s Girl Up Summit; the American Library Association and the LinkedIn Annual Conference. During her talks she often speaks about topics such as: authenticity, storytelling, reinventing yourself, networking, empowerment, immigration and diversity. Here’s a little sneak peek in a form of Mariana’s quote from the webinar.


Mariana Atencio quote


Keynote speaker #2 - Pandit Dasa


Mariana was accompanied by the one and only Pandit Dasa - mindful leadership expert, motivational speaker and author of Urban Monk. His goal is to help organizations create workplace culture that is: mindful, based on empathy, encouraging to appreciate each other. He also inspires leaders to lead without ego, but instead - inspire, support and encourage. At Global Speakers Bureau we feel inspired just after reading Pandit’s bio! Imagine how powerful his speeches can be. To get a glimpse of his extraordinary skills as a keynote speaker, check out recording from our webinar: work-life balance 2020 and rise of diversity. You can find the link at the end of the article!


pandit dasa quote


A conversation between two amazing keynote speakers can’t be done without a moderation!

And that important task we have decided to hand over to Ismael Cala, who’s a real expert in presenting news, moderating events and producing content for national CNN television. Oh, we can’t forget the joy and smile (as some people tend to call him) he brought to our “virtual studio!”. 

Once again we want to thank you our extraordinary guests: Mariana Atencio, Pandit Dasa and Ismael Cala. Do you know that all three of them can be a special guest at virtual keynote of your choice? Inspire your employees, create online discussion or host an event as a brand and attract new customers. To invite a speaker for either virtual or live event contact us through e-mail [email protected] or by calling +44 (207) 1936 587.

If you're working in Tech industry check out our first Virtual Keynote: TECH climate under COVID-19

baner gspeakers contact


Virtual Keynote: Work-life balance 2020

How to maintain work-life balance in the times of pandemic? If you are struggling with productivity and end up working till late hours, this virtual keynote might be for you!

virtual keynote banner

Two well known authorities will share their tips and analyze the impact of COVID-19 on our work and everyday tasks. Meet the panelists:

👉 Mariana Atencio - award-Winning Journalist & Author, Co-Founder of GoLike
👉 Pandit Dasa - Mindful Leadership and Wellbeing Expert, Author of Urban Monk

Event will be moderated by Ismael Cala - Anchor and Producer for CNN en Español, Journalist

Virtual Keynote will take place on June 9th, 2020 11:00 AM in Eastern Time
Register now and get a notification on the day of the event!

Our Virtual Moderated Conversation will be organized in the form of a Zoom meeting.


Virtual Keynote: watch online

COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of entrepreneurs to digitize their companies.

With most of the employees working from home we are now entering a new era on the job market. What are the predictions for the future and what can we do to prepare for upcoming inevitable changes? We have decided to invite 4 experts and authorities in tech industry to answer our burning questions about the future and share their predictions on what post-corona might look like. The virtual keynote event took place on 5th of May and was broadcasted live through Zoom. If you haven’t had a chance to see it live, we’re happy to announce that the video is now available to watch online - you can find the link at the end of the article! Event was hosted and moderated by one and only Stephen Sackur. Who joined him to discuss the impact of COVID-10 on TECH industry during our virtual keynote?

Our first #virtualkeynote has been a huge success! See the trailer here!





If you have any questions about startups, Uri Levine is the right person to answer them all! Uri Levine is a co-founder, active chairman and first investor at FeeX. Why this startup is so important? It helped find end reduce hidden fees on financial services and played a big role in addressing this problem in the size of $600 billion in the US alone!

That’s not his only contribution in the start up industry. Uri Levine is an active member / chairman or investor in:

  • Zeek
  • Engie
  • FairFly
  • Moovit
  • Roomer

The list goes on and we’re excited to see him engage with new interesting projects. During our virtual keynote, Stephen Sackur asked about his predictions for the future from the perspective of an entrepreneur. Are you curious what he replied? Here’s a little sneak peek!


virtual keynote quote





1991 - that’s the year when Mikko’s journey at F-secure started! Since then he fought the biggest malware outbreaks in the net that lead to catching several online criminals. He’s the person responsible for tracking down the person responsible for the very first PC virus! Mikko is truly an expert when it comes to topics such as:


  • cyber sabotage
  • cyberwar
  • online espionage
  • future of internet
  • online privacy
  • bitcoin


His experience and expertise in the cyber security is very impressive. As a result he was listed as one of the 50 most important people on the Web aby PC World magazine. As a go-to expert on future of internet he appeared on our virtual keynote: TECH climate under COVID-19. During the talk, Mikko has shared a truly interesting view on controversial contact-tracing apps. Are they safe? What technology are they based on? Find out the answers for those burning questions in our video. 

virtual keynote quote 2





Mark van Rijmenam is a well-known expert on artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data. He’s also an author of best-selling books: Think bigger, Blockchain and The organisation of Tomorrow. Have we mentioned that he started his virtual keynotes and webinars way before covid-19? That’s just one of the many reasons we asked him to join our talk. 


What will be the impact of covid-19 on future of work? Who is a Digital Employee? How to prepare ourselves for post-corona world in terms of analytics and data organisation? Learn more about upcoming changes in our video.

virtual keynote quote 3





Pieter Abbeel is a Berkeley Professor and Director of the Robot Learning Lab at UC Berkeley since 2008. His work focuses on apprenticeship learning as well as meta-learning and reinforcements learning. If you’re not familiar with those terms, let us shortly explain! His research is dedicated to… robots! And he accomplished extraordinary effects: his robots learned advanced helicopter aerobatics, organizing laundry or vision-based robotic manipulation.

During our talk, Pieter was asked to share his prediction regarding the future of work. Are robots coming after our jobs? What are their limitations? 

pieter abbeel quote




Finally, let’s not forget our remarkable host! Some of you may recognize him as a presenter of HARDtalk, BBC World News' flagship current affairs interview programme. With a keen interest in politics, he has covered topics such as: 2000 US presidential elections, the clinton scandal and impeachment trial, guns and weapon manufacturer lawsuits in the US. We’re very pleased that this incredible journalist has accepted our invitation to host virtual keynote and interview our guests.  

virtual keynote quote 5

Hopefully we provided you with more than one reason to spare 1 hour of your time and watch our video! Are you in? You can find recording of Zoom meeting on out YouTube channel: